You can control:

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Self Confidence
Self Esteem
Achieving your Goals
Stress Management
Figure Enhancement
Body Shape
Migraine Headaches
Better Sleep
Pain Management
Painless Childbirth
Overcoming Fears
Anger Control
Sexual Problems
Impotence problems
Better Concentration
Improving Memory
Exam Fears
Test Fears    
Improving Eyesight
Stop Nail Biting
Fear of Flying
Public Speaking
Mind Power is Energy
Goal Setting
Increasing Exercise
Body Building
Financial Success
Free of Debt
Compulsive Spending
Handling Divorce
Becoming Organised
Time Keeping
Management Skills
Sales Skills
Positive Attitude
Healthy Skin
Skin Problems
Letting go of Guilt
Improving Creativity
Sports Enhancement
Feeling Younger

You just need someone to show you the way...

Hypnotherapy can help you

If you want to improve your behaviour in any way hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and quickest ways of doing so. In the hands of a profesional hypnotherapist it is a very safe way for you to improve yourself, in hypnosis no one can make you do anything that you don't want, you are always in control.  Using hypnosis you can improve many of your most stuborn behaviours; smoking, losing weight.... look at the list on the right for examples.  Contact a Hypnotherapist to get your habits under control by the use of the most powerful part of your own mind.

Give a Wonderful Present for a special occassion

You can give a loved one a gift of a hypnotherapy session as a gift at any time and so help them change their life for ever.  Wouldn't it be great if you could help your loved one, friends or family members with a present for Birthday, Mothers' day, Fathers' day, an anniversary, Easter or at any time:

There are many more things that hypnosis can help with.

These are typical life wishes which you can help someone achieve permanently.

How Hypnotherapy will work for you

A Method of Mental Programming

Hypnosis is a method of mental programming. It is not sleep. It is not unconsciousness. It is not a giving up of control. It is actually an altered state of highly focused consciousness in which the conscious mind is by-passed and access is achieved directly to the subconscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind. It is the seat of all memory, and through it can be accessed memories, emotions, and events long since suppressed, repressed or forgotten by the conscious mind.


Through the subconscious mind can be revealed causes of feelings, behaviours and attitudes which in turn can be created, strengthened, modified or eliminated according to your needs.

Why do we have habits?

Habits are beliefs we are convicted of at a very deep level, which we act out without thinking about them.  Sometimes habits are good, sometimes they are bad, and destructive.

If we are engaging in bad habits, it is because somewhere along the line we learned to trust the desire or the belief that made a given activity attractive to us, and worthy of our trust and our imitation of it. The reason why we cannot drop a habit even though we recognize it (now) to be bad for us, is because beliefs are by nature much stronger than thoughts or intentions.  Beliefs, like the habits they perpetuate, are convictions that run very deep.

Hypnotherapy can reach those deep beliefs and desires to release them so that you can adjust your behaviour to your current world rather than the one you had when you developed the habit.